e-akoE-ako is a maths programme.  It builds up your knowledge about Maths! E- -ako is a math program that people go on to learn maths. The more answers you get right, the more points you earn. We are having a competition to see who has the most points out of the whole school by this Friday 12 April 2013. So far I know the most points in the school is about 3000. My friend has 2900 points so far. So if your a student in Sutton Park School, try to catch up. ;-) For example….. everytime you get a task right you get points like 100 points or more!.  There are different levels in e-ako.  You do Fraction, place value,improper fraction,mixed numerals and more!  E-ako  can help you especially if you have difficulties with maths. Me, well, I was not very good on maths but since I joined e-ako it helped me a lot.  Im improving in my  maths and especially my FRACTIONS!  So I encourage those of you guys who are having trouble with maths -” join e-ako” and I guarantee you, you will improve!  You’ll thank me some day!

Fineasi Neiufi

Year 7

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